RaceTec Engineering Big Port and Polish Manifold for all 1.8t's

Improve the power of your 1.8t with the RaceTec Engineering Big Port and Polish exhaust manifold. Whether you are running more boost on your K03 or running a bolt on GT28 turbo, the RaceTec Big PNP will help you achieve the edge on the competition while maintaining OEM durability and appearance.

The purpose the RaceTec Big PNP is to increase the exhaust flow gases to the turbo. Turbo's rely on the exhaust manifold to spin the exhaust wheel, which in turn spins the turbine creating boost. The quicker the exhaust is expelled through the exhaust manifold, the quicker the turbo will react. In addition, increasing the volume of the exhaust gases to the turbo will also help the turbo to sustain higher boost levels at higher RPMs. The result is more horsepower/torque with improved throttle response.


The installation of the RaceTec exhaust manifold can be done in 2 hours. For K03 and K04 applications or other turbos that use the stock exhaust manifold, there is no need to completely remove the turbo when removing and replacing. You can simply unbolt the three (3) main mounting bolts and the support bracket found on the bottom side of the turbo. Once those bolts are removed, you can set the turbo aside with the coolant and the oil line attached while the exhaust manifold is removed and replaced.


Fits all 1.8T's.